Pedestrian and Cycle Surveys

With increasing investment into the public transport system on national and local levels, it is crucial that planners understand public accessibility and patterns of usage of transport systems to enable funding and provision to be directed effectively.

In light of this, CTS can put together a program of surveys that will collect the best information to allow in depth appraisals of existing and future requirements.

The promotion of the use of sustainable methods of transportation has been a key aspect of CTS’s data collection work.

We have worked in cooperation with a number of bodies on projects as diverse as large retail outlet access to the National Cycle Network in areas right through the UK.

  • Footfall Surveys
  • Pedestrian Crossing Delay and Counts
  • Desire Line Surveys
  • Cycle Path Usage
  • Interview Surveys

We have extensive experience when it comes to collecting data involving reconfiguring junctions to make them more pedestrian or cycle friendly.

We have developed sophisticated techniques with reference to analysing crossing areas for “desire lines”. Our work has involved examining stretches of highway that are tens of kilometers in length to assess the requirements for non-motorised users.

A variety of techniques have also been employed with reference to usage of a range of different facilities: from retail and leisure to major transport interchanges. This allows the leaseholder to assess current usage from a number of differing perspectives, and to plan for future development.

CTS will assess each project on a case-by-case basis to tailor our solutions for the maximum benefit to you.


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