Public Transport Surveys

With increasing investment into the public transport system on national and local levels, it is crucial that planners understand public accessibility and patterns of usage of transport systems to enable funding and provision to be directed effectively.

In light of this, CTS can put together a program of surveys that will collect the best information to allow in depth appraisals of existing and future requirements.

CTS have developed wide-ranging public transport monitoring skills. Our portfolio includes large scale rail and bus projects, journey time surveys, and multi-modal studies.

  • Reliability and Performance Appraisals
  • Boarding and Alighting Surveys
  • Passenger Interviews
  • Journey Time/ Delay Surveys
  • Concessionary Fair Monitoring
  • Accessibility Surveys
  • Interchange Facilities/ Car Parking Audits
  • Taxi demand monitoring
  • Station and Staff reliability audits

Examples of our work include surveys inputting to several major schemes on behalf of Transport for London and several long-term footfall, reliability, and customer satisfaction studies for the strategic authority in the West Midlands.

A variety of techniques have been employed on differing studies. This has included manual and camera methodologies.

All public transport surveys are thoroughly planned and synchronised around timetables to ensure the very best results.


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